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Preharvest herbicide applications in dry edible beans- Avoiding illegal residues

Preharvest herbicide applications in dry edible beans have become more popular as growers switch to direct harvesting techniques.  Herbicides used prior to harvest, also known as “Harvest Aids”, are used to desiccate or dry down “green” stem and leaf tissue that can hinder dry bean harvest.  The main intention of preharvest herbicide applications is to desiccate weeds; however many growers are using these herbicide applications to hurry along or even out the maturing process of dry beans. 


August 25, 2011

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Palmer amaranth: Managing this new weed problem (Progressive Forage Grower 2014)

Herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth continues to invade many areas of Michigan and the Upper Midwest. Our first encounter with Palmer amaranth in Michigan occurred in the fall of 2010.

A soybean producer in southwest Michigan was struggling with management of a weed he did not recognize. We were able to identify this weed as Palmer amaranth, and through greenhouse testing confirmed high levels of resistance to both glyphosate (Roundup) and ALS-inhibiting herbicides.

At this time, we also noticed several neighboring alfalfa fields where Palmer amaranth seed heads were poking just above the alfalfa canopy....


May 1, 2014

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Late-season glyphosate application in Roundup Ready soybean can be off label

Making one more glyphosate application in Roundup Ready soybean is tempting when weeds are poking through the soybean canopy. However, it is important to remember that there is a maximum soybean growth stage for which glyphosate can be applied to Roundup Ready (glyphosate-resistant) soybeans.

August 6, 2009

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