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Varisto: A new postemegence herbicide premixture for use in dry bean

Raptor (imazamox) plus Basagran (bentazon) is one of the most popular postemergence herbicide treatments applied to dry edible beans. One of the main purposes for adding Basagran to Raptor is to “safen” (decrease crop response) dry beans from Raptor applications alone. At least 8 fl oz per acre of Basagran 4L is needed to “safen” dry beans from Raptor applications...


June 9, 2016

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2016 Status of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Michigan

In the fall of 2015 the herbicide resistance screening returned to Diagnostic Services, after spending many successful years under the direction of Dr. Christy Sprague. The 2015 season saw a surge in submissions, with a total of 46 samples (a 40% increase over 2014). The samples included...


June 2, 2016

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