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Early management is important for horseweed control in soybean

Glyphosate-/multiple-resistant horseweed (marestail) is fairly common in many of Michigan’s no-till soybean fields. In fact, of the 12 horseweed samples that we tested this winter for resistance all showed some sort of resistance. Nine were multiple-resistant to glyphosate (Group 9) and ALS-inhibiting herbicides (Group 2), two were resistant to glyphosate only, and one was resistant to the ALS-inhibitors only. Because of resistance problems...


Posted April 30, 2015

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Preharvest herbicide use in dry edible beans: Function timing and rotation restrictions

Over the next 2 ½-months many Michigan dry bean fields will be treated with preharvest herbicides. Preharvest herbicides, also known as “Harvest Aids”, are used to desiccate or dry down “green” stem and leaf tissue that can hinder dry bean harvest. The main intention of preharvest herbicide applications is to desiccate weeds; however many growers use these herbicide applications to hurry along or even out the maturing process of dry beans. Currently in Michigan, there are four different herbicide options...


Posted August 20, 2015

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