Integrated Weed Management: Fine Tuning the System

Based on grower demand for more information on sustainable weed management, "Integrated Weed Management: Fine Tuning the System" (E3065) was published in December 2008 to compliment "One Year's Seeding..."

Topics covered in the 132 page, all-color bulletin include:

  • Diverse Crop Rotations

  • Cover Crop Systems

  • Manure and Compost

  • Flaming for Weed Management

  • Grazing and Other Biological Controls

  • Thresholds: How Many Weeds Are Too Many?

  • On-farm Weed Management Trials Across the North Central Region

  • Common Michigan Weed Profiles: The Second Dirty Dozen +2 (Now available online in the Michigan's Worst Weeds section)

 "Fine Tuning" poster with sample figures/tables from each chapter.







How to Order "Fine Tuning"

To obtain a copy of the Integrated Weed Management bulletin (Inventory # E3065) please visit the Michigan State University Extension Bookstore.

Also check out the previous IWM bulletin "One Year's Seeding..." (E-2931)