A variety of weed science based learning experiences are available at Michigan State University. These courses are designed to introduce weeds as a problem in agricultural systems and in turfgrass, teach problem solving skills for use in weed management, and/or look at new knowledge and technologies that may be useful in the future. Below are descriptions of the current weed science courses available in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences.


Weed Science Courses

CSS 135 Crop Scouting and Investigation

Crop production, pest scouting and other production problems, and field diagnoses. Interaction with agriculture clientele. Offered half of semester.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite: CSS 101 Introduction to Crop Science

Instructor: Dr. Karen Renner

Offered: Spring semesters


CSS 292 Management of Turfgrass Weeds

Chemical, biological, and cultural methods of managing turfgrass weeds. Environmental considerations in weed management.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite: CSS 232 Introduction to Turfgrass Management

Instructor: Ron Calhoun

Offered: Spring semesters


CSS 302 Principles of Weed Management

Cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical weed management principles and practices. Environmental considerations.

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: CSS 101 or PLB 105 or BS 111 or HRT 203 or CSS 232

Instructor: Dr. James Kells

Offered: Fall semesters


CSS 802 Weed Biology

Weed biology, including weed seed production and dispersal and seed fate. Weed life history traits and ecophysiology, including invasive species. Data collection in weed ecology research.

Credits: 2

Instructor: Dr. Karen Renner

Offered: Spring semester of even years


CSS 805 Herbicide Action and Metabolism

Properties and characteristics of herbicides. Processes involved in herbicide action, transport, and fate in plants and soils.

Credits: 2

Instructor: Dr. Donald Penner

Offered: Spring semester of odd years